Mowing, Weeding, Indoor Plants Care

Mowing, Weeding, Indoor Plants Care

5 most common types of grasses used.

We maintain your Lawn according to mfgs requirements of grass type or mix that you have. 


Includes cutting grass, trimming around fences , structures and trees, blowing and removing grass cuttings.

If you decided to hire an individual or a company to take care of your property, we have a few tips that might 

help you make a right choice. 

Professional will know these easy to follow rules.

Mow in the mornings or evenings when heat is down to avoid putting plant into shock. 

Mow when grass us dry to avoid damage of the ground itself and root system. 

Change directions each time you mow. Mowing causes the grass to lie over slightly. When you alternate directions with each mowing, you will keep the grass straighter and stronger. 

You will also reduce soil compaction by changing the areas that the wheels of your mower travel. 

Follow the one-third rule. Select a mowing height appropriate for the grass in your lawn. Then set your mower blade height and mow frequently enough so you cut off no more than the top third of the grass plant. This will encourage stronger roots. 

Different grass varieties require different mowing heights. lt is important to know what type of turfgrass you have and then cut it according to recommendations for that species. 

Lawn Mowing Tips by Express Lawn 

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Includes spraying or spreading granules for long lasting weed control

For best results and safety of your lawn we have the most reliable products and professional crew to take care of weeds problem.

Weeding should be done during early spring months and fall for best results.

We will build specific Care Plan required for your lawn.

NEVER PERFORM FERTILIZING OR WEED CONTROL DURING HOT MONTHS! It will most definitely if not completely kill but surely damage your grass. 

If you have too many weeds simply pull the with their roots and wait till it cools down. 

We perform Fertilizing 5  times a year using fast and slow release Fertilizers and mix it within norms and lawn conditions with weed Control. Gibe us a call and we will have soil samples collected, evaluate grass type you have and  free evaluation ready within 24 hours. 

If you ordering One-time service for mowing, we will charge additional $5-$10 for using Round-up on your driveways and other problem areas. 

For year-round clients all services included in AGREEMENT. 

Sod Installation

It is true that we shouldn't judge book by its it's cover,  but let's be honest, we sure do pay attention to the books with glossy shiny covers... and sometimes missing out on a great book only because the cover looked well... old, torn with yellow spots and holes.  So whether you building a new house or trying to sell your property, that green perfect lawn that's where Home begins.

Not only juicy healthy lawn, trimmed shrubs and clean bright flower beds are great selling point, it also encourages your neighbors to keep up with you, creating amazing neigborhoods, districts, towns.  

Our company can help you start the tradition and keep up with it. 

Give us a call and we will give you the best quote out there.  We work directly with wholesale produce manufacturers and do "shop around" before quoting to our customers.

Indoor Plants Care

We provide Care for Indoor plants as well. From Replanting, Fertilizing to Propagation.

Whether it's a small succulent or a large fig, we can find the way to keep it healthy and give you a good advice and show a proper way to care for it.

Give us a call if you want to propagate special plant that you have and you want to have more of exact same one.

If you have sick plants, describe an issue and we will do our best to help you out.

Year-round Lawn Care Services

Your property will look healthier, greener, brighter. We will do all that is  necessary specifically for your property, including lawn fertilizing.

What service includes?

Weekly Mowing during season, 

by-weekly off-season

Fertilizing and Weeding 5 times a year

Using Roundup on driveways, any surface cracks as necessary 

Insect Control: fleas, grubs, ants



Seasonal Cleaning 

Flower beds care

Bushes and shrubs maintenance

You will literally have nothing left to do but enjoy your property.




You get 20% Discount by paying for a FULL YEAR SERVICE 

Our 12 Months Program is the best choice for amazing results. 

So how does it work and what exactly is included in this deal?

Year-Round Offered Services Chart


Scheduled  During Season

Schedule Off-Season

Job Description

Aeration, Dethatching 
Early Spring 
  • Preparing Your Lawn and Land to accept more nutrients and water for best results
2 x Week

1 x Week or as needed
Mid. Feb - Mid. November (Approx. 9 months)

Mid November - Mid February (Approx. 2.5 - 3 months)

  • Mowing grass;
  • Weeding around structures, trees; 
  • Blowing & cleaning grass cuttings;

Seasonal cleaning
2 x times a year 

  • Shrubs and bushes trimming
  • Raking & Blowing around Structures, Flower beds, Gardens.
    Picking and disposing of light debris (branches, twigs, leaves)
  • Leveling and straightening mulch or other ground cover placed in flower bed

Weed and Feed +Insect Control

2x Spring
1x Late Summer
1x Early Fall
1x Late Fall/Early Winter
All your lawn fertilized and treated for weeds every spring for perfect look all year long

***Season - usually 9-10 months out of the year. Starting mid to late February and lasting till October-November.