Commercial, Small Spaces, Parks and Playgrounds

Commercial, Small Spaces, Parks and Playgrounds
Give us a call, email or scedule a phone interview with our designer.

Send us photos of your property, or any part of it that you would like to change, let us know what you have in mind and we will be working on a few plans that are yours to keep at no charge and no obligations.

Extra space setup/Commercial 

Our goal is Your Satisfaction.  Weather you expect business atmosphere or cozy country cottage, we are here to help you. 

We believe that elegance and beauty should be reasonably priced and will help you with adding to your space Highest Quality Products at the fraction of the cost

Your business has extra outdoor space? It's easy to "beautify" part of that parking lot on the side of your building by installing few planters, creating "privacy" effect with multy-colored flora that still gives plenty of view to security monitoring and your Customers could enjoy a nice afternoon breeze after long day of shopping right next to your store. Pleasant atmosphere, good emotions attract and bring people back. 

Lawn care and Landscaping Year-round

Inexpensive local plants that require very little attention and do look amazing, when properly displayed, will catch an eye  and simple but pleasant landscape will be associated with your business. 

Couple of dark wood benches could add to the time spent at your business. The Golden rule of returning customers   is: if the Customer stays around any business/shop they visited for the very 1srmt time, most likely they going back in the next 7 minutes. And those who came back, will most definitely be the Returning Customer.

We want Your Customers to remember you  and see you as a business with "a thought for a Customer ".

Small Spaces? 

We are ready for you.

From "Florida-rooms" to pools, ponds and front yard we will help you design and build that perfect space that is maid for you!

Small pond next to your window surround with roses, few koi fish, nice outdoor dining set under gazebo on a soft green lawn. We can do it together!          

Do you prefer more conservative and not as "loud" of designs?

Lawn service in progress

Elegant river rock edging, wicker swing or couple of rocking chairs will provide that special personality to your property and the feeling of being Home that we are so lacking these days .

Parks and Playgrounds

Parks and PlaygroundsWe work hard to keep them safe!

Parks and Playgrounds 

Keep our Children Safe with lawn Maintenance that includes Weeds and Insect Control 

Our service includes insect control!

Our professional team will take care of mowing, edging, trimming shrubs, insect control and will be done with sunrise.

From design, deliveries of equipment, sod live or artificial, to taking year-round care of private or public properties . 

You can choose and/or add at any time:

Pressure washing  *  Weed Control *   Hedging  * Fertilizing  *  Mulching  *  Hauling

Edging Installations 

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